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Luminous Angelic Hypnosis

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Past Life | Present Life

Photo: Valerie Mosley

When I signed up for the Angelic Spiritual Coaching certification program, I really didn't know I would be learning about Hypnosis! And I am SO glad I got to dive into this beautiful healing method!
Before learning about it, I thought about Hypnosis as how they show it in so many shows, movies, etc., being used as a tool to "control" other people in a funny way, or to manipulate them, or in so many other ways that are not focused on the person or the collective's wellbeing, but actually, focused on quite the opposite. HOWEVER, I didn't know that THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO IT! And I learned that the person doing the process of being hypnotized, is really the one in charge of steering the boat. The person doing the Hypnosis is merely a channel, a vessel, a tool for SUPPORT, HEALING AND LOVE, to help you navigate through your own journey feeling safe.

So, what is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a superior technique that has been used from Ancient Greece & Rome, called "hypnotic inductions".
It helps heal traumas, addictions, fears, blocks, physical pain, obesity, eating disorders, anxiety, relationship problems, self-love issues, scarcity problems, mental blocks and so much more.

How does it work?
The kind of Hypnosis that I do called Angelic Hypnosis, is a mixture of Guided, EricksonianCognitive-Behavioral & Neuro-Linguistic Programming Hypnosis (all of which, work with the imagination & metaphorical suggestions while being in a trance-like state). Angelic Hypnosis, in which by channeling Angels, Spirit Guides & Ascended Masters, and the whole team of Celestial Light Warriors that hold humanity's highest regards, I will guide you safely and lovingly through journeys from your past that have been traumatic, so that you can acknowledge, and shed light and love on them. Trauma is held most times as physical ailments, addictions and/or toxic behaviours, which is why they need to be identified first in order to be treated.
Once they are identified, we will do a physical and emotional connection between trauma and the body, as well as "connection of the souls", both in which an energetic cleanse and healing takes place. We will go through every single part of the body where you are carrying and manifesting emotional trauma with the help of the Celestials/Light Beings/Source, sending you messages and the highest, most loving, healing, beautiful light. I I will be the vessel to give the messages and help guide you through the process with all my care and love <3
This type of Hypnosis is based in the induction of a trance-like state. This means you will receive suggestions in a verbal form regarding your conduct, or mental condition, or by giving you metaphorical suggestions to influence the behaviour and promote physical and emotional health through it. For example, suggesting that a person leaves a toxic habit behind, by the use of imaginative tools that will aid in the transition of leaving the habit. 

When the brain enters in this state of relaxation, of trance-like state, called the Theta brain wave, it is when we are at our most "sugestionable mode", which is why the brain believes what you intentionally tell it, even if it is just your imagination. If you use the Theta brain wave by telling your brain healthy things and ways to let go, INTENTIONALLY, you are training your body through your brain in a positive way, which will absolutely change your life for the better!

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