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Hola! I am Cami -short for Camila-, creator of LUMINOUS! Welcome!

Self Portraits 2014-2022
I was born in Colombia, and was always surrounded by art, music, and different spiritual paths while growing up. I love all kinds of Arts, but Photography has been my main tool of expression & source of income since around 1998. Dancing and singing/writing songs, painting and drawing are also forms of expression I love to explore, along with meditation, just BEING and in-joying life <3 

When I first moved to the United States from Colombia in 2014- I was in physical pain and felt more alone than ever. What brought me back to loving my body and myself in general, was weaving together my lifetime of spiritual practices and photography into one. There is nothing more empowering than allowing yourself to feel your emotions in the moment, and mirror them back to yourself in an artistic way that allows you to feel nurtured, loved, authentic & be the sensual Goddess you are.

During crazy 2020, I came to understand the real potential of my Soul gifts and I have been understanding why life always kept exposing me to different spiritual paths to learn from (a lot of which I had been ignoring because of societal limiting programming), and it sparked this passion to learn more and more about everything I am passionate about! To BREAK FREE and to just go into whatever my Soul is called to. 
So, I am now a Certified Angelic Spiritual Coach, a Certified Holy Fire® World Peace Reiki Master by the ICRT, Professional Photographer for over 20 years, a vessel for channeling Spirit messages, expression and healing energy.

There's so much information and e-motions to digest and absorb, with everything 2020/21/22 has been presenting to us. It all has been so perfect in retrospect. It all has led me always to where I need to be. I have been learning and able to shed light on shadows (repressed memories, feelings, trauma) and started integrating them through spiritual practices. I have been doing a lot of cleansing to make room for all the new to come in. All with which I've been diving deeper into other tools like Chakra cleansing & Protection, channeling messages from Celestial/Spirit/Animal guides and more... and it's been absolutely enlightening. Full of LUMINOUS ups and downs. Learning how to heal myself when it comes up and to be able to show others how to do the same for themselves; to watch them doing it, is absolutely miraculous and beautiful to be-hold. And to have been given these opportunities to learn this path in which I have been finding the Goddess within, my Higher/Authentic Self, my own Light, has been like an explosion of so much sadness, love and magic all at once, so much gratefulness, and healing as a portal to expansion <3. I felt a call to share my experiences and the tools I have learned so, here I am :) Guiding women to break through body dysmorphia, people pleasing and fear of being seen/heard. To reconnect to their own inner power, their inner Goddess and to find their own light within.

I've prayed this for a long time: "God, Universe, let me be an instrument of your Love, Light, and Peace." And soon enough I realized that I had been an instrument of Love, Light and Peace all along, but I needed to become aware of it first, to BELIEVE it, in order for me to be able to understand it and start to embody it as best as possible, to aid in the ascension of human-kind. And in order to do that, I had to face things from my past that were stuck in my body, in my mind, in my heart, blocking my present/future self from seeing, feeling and believing I was worthy of love (especially from myself!) and worthy of anything good, really.
The truth is, we are all instruments of love, light and peace but we need to deprogram from our old societal limiting beliefs (such as - we are broken - unworthy - need the external for approval, love, etc). This is where I come in, to give you a little guidance and support through your own journey to your inner Goddess <3
I created LUMINOUS as the answer to allowing myself to utilize all the different beautiful tools that I've been learning  throughout my whole life and Spiritual studies in the past 3 years, under one same roof. It enables me to offer a variety of energy healing + artistic tools in one place, making the experiences so much more deep, healing, nurturing and playful for my clients, and most of all allowing them to see themselves as a moving, breathing, living masterpiece, a work of art, in every single now moment <3

··· Studies ···

-Visual Arts - La Javeriana University. Bogotá, Colombia (2 years)
-Analog Photography-developing, dark room - La Javeriana University. Bogotá, Colombia (2 years)
-Analog Photography-using Manual Mode - Private lessons with well known Colombian Photographer Andrés Gómez. Colombia (6 months)
-Analog Video & Photography Knowledge Technical Degree - French Academy of Image. Bogotá, Colombia (1 year program)
-Graphic Design - Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. Bogotá, Colombia (2 years) 
-BA Fine Arts - Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. Bogotá, Colombia (BA full program)
-Digital Photography - Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. Bogotá, Colombia (1 year)
-Photo Bloom Mastermind Signature Student Program, with Ashley Meier. Fort Collins, CO, USA 
-Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Master Certification, (ICRT) with Cami Coté of Rhythm Heart Reiki. Online 
-Spiritual Coaching Certification, with Ángeles by Laura Espinosa. Online 
-The Apprenticeship-Shamanic Journeying Certification, with Rhonda McCrimmon of the Centre for Shamanism. Online
-Usui/Holy Fire® World Peace Reiki Master Upgrade Certification, (ICRT) with Cami Coté of Rhythm Heart Reiki. Online 


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