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Luminous Gaia's Grace: 
A sanctuary where you can open yourself to the Earth's Grace and Reconnect
with your 
Inherent Magic.

Luminous Gaia's Grace Retreat is a sanctuary for women seeking to deepen their connection with the Earth, their inner magic, and to align their bodies, minds, hearts, and souls to it. Nestled in a serene natural setting, our retreat in the Colorado Rocky Mountains offers a harmonious blend of spiritual practices, nature walks, ceremony, somatic movement, Reiki, Masterpiece Portraits and holistic wellness overall. Join us to immerse yourself in the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth and the supportive energy of a like-minded sisterhood.

Why I Created this Space
I am a creative wild woman who believes in supporting and empowering each other both as women, as well as in our craft. This space is a safe haven where we come together to learn about ourselves, to grow and connect with our spiritual gifts, each other, and the Earth. Join me and beautiful certified facilitators as we lead you in sacred ceremonies with the elements, Masterpiece photoshoots, and deep self-work in the beautiful embrace of nature. Let's co-create and serve ourselves, our communities & Gaia together, while deepening into our passion for MAGIC!


Sample Weekend Flow:



  • Arrival + Getting Settled - Gift bags & Mocktails, Welcome! 11:30 

  • Lunch 12:00

  • Opening Circle with Cacao - Heart Opening - Intros and Intention  Setting: Letting go & letting in 2:00

  • Connecting to the Spirits of the Land - Shamanic guided meditation circle and Omen Walk - Journaling and sharing circle 4:00

  • High Vibe Dinner 7:00

  • Free time

  • Quiet time 9:00


  • Buffet Breakfast 8:00

  • Morning Circle- Breathwork, meditation & Movement Flow- Nourishing, hydrating and yummy juices to replenish 9:00

  • High Vibe Lunch 12:00

  • DIY choice of lotion or, face mask make/take workshop 2:00

  • Evening check in circle, journaling - optional sharing 5:00

  • High Vibe Dinner 6:30

  • Connecting to your inherent magic - Higher Self guided meditation circle + self neon body paint - Journaling & sharing circle, dancing with your Higher Self 7:45

  • Quiet time 9:00


  • Buffet Breakfast 8:00

  • Breathwork and meditation followed by thanking the land 9:00

  • Check out - Drive to Granby Lake for photoshoots and closing circle 10:00

  • See you soon again lunch provided at the lake 12:00

I would 10000% recommend ANYTHING that Cami has to offer whether it’s a retreat, or a one on one, or her BEAUTIFUL, beautiful photography!! and that’s just the beginning of what this beautiful soul has to offer.
She is here to help people start to embody the lifestyle that they wanna live and to know it's not unrealistic to live in a connected form. I think we get really confused by society, we’re putting each other down all the time, both men and women, when in fact we’re all similar, we are all one, but we all operate in different ways. We all need to be honored for that. There’s so many ways for us to connect back into ourselves. Once we are able to do that, we are able to connect with other people in a more authentic way, because we are being true to ourselves, we know who we are and we know how to give AND receive. I think Cami is an embodiment of this, living from an authentic, embodied place. I think that she was put in this physical form, to help people get to that space of self connection. The depth of her knowledge and the depth of her being… she has so much to offer. I honor her. I truly do! I know I make my own journey, but I am influenced by what I bring into my life and I am just so beyond grateful for this positive being in my life.

-Gena Catalucci



Everything listed here is INCLUDED:

  • Gourmet private chef-prepared meals by professional goddess chef Gena Catalucci

  • All ceremonies, workshops, circles, and activities

  • Personalized self-love gift bag for each attendee to support each one's personal journey, while supporting women-owned businesses! <3

  • DIY make and take workshop (working with essential oils and other nature things) with Aubrey Andersen

  • Individual Portraits and group photos with Cami Luminous

  • 1:1 coaching/Reiki/spirit guidance 15 minute sessions by Cami Luminous (optional, at the retreat)

  • Daily meditation and breathwork with Aubrey Andersen

  • Daily movement flow

  • Nature walks

  • Daily affirmation card pulls

  • Post-retreat online group support circle zoom and to stay connected!

  • Plus more!

This is what is NOT included:

  • Airfare if needed

  • Airport transportation if needed (can be arranged)

  • Car rental if wanted

  • Any other personal expenses 


The cost of the experience will depend on the accommodation that you choose. If you are interested in a shared option and are signing up solo, we can do our best to help you to find other sisters to share with!

"The Heart of Something Grand"


"Nestled in the scenic Colorado Rocky Mountains, with breathtaking views of the Continental Divide and Rocky Mountain National Park surrounding you, it is easy to see why we say that Granby, Colorado,  is "The Heart of Something Grand."

Because we are located directly between Grand Lake and Winter Park, Granby offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy everything that you would expect from the Colorado Rocky Mountain experience - all with a friendly, small town atmosphere that won't bust your budget."

Hot tub. 7 bedrooms separated into four distinct and private areas. Two separate living areas. Enjoy the company of others, but you can always retreat to your own space. Nestled back within a private wooded lot offering you relaxation and tranquility while being centrally located in the Fraser Valley. 

Booking Process

1. Schedule a call with Cami to go over details, terms and conditions, cancellations, contract, etc. Please make sure to specify when you schedule the call, that it is to talk about the LUMINOUS GAIA'S GRACE RETREAT.


2.On the call, Cami will give you next steps for payment and to complete your booking! :D


We offer Payment Plan options for each accommodation. Please note that there is a small fee added in for the convenience of being able to pay as you go, on your own schedule. The first payment ($350- shared options / $450-individual options), is needed as soon as possible as a down payment to claim your space, and the remaining payments will be automatically charged on your card every month, for the length of time & amount you agreed to pay in your contract. We will arrange payments with c.c through a link I will give you, with automatic monthly payments at your convenience.
There is a 70% refund until September 1st if for some reason you have to cancel. After September 1st there are no refunds (no exceptions). You can transfer your space to another sister for the full amount paid :) All terms and conditions will be talked about on the call with Cami.


Screen Shot 2024-06-27 at 12.40.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 1.27.25 PM.png

We truly believe you were called here for a reason.

And we understand that taking a leap of faith like this can be scary. If you are having doubts, we are here to answer any questions that might arise.
This space is created to nurture, teach and allow you to play and grow in the safety of sacred sisterhood. This is an adventure that offers healing, connection, and self expansion as a human and as a woman of magick. We encourage you to embrace the unknown and take a leap of faith!
Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We are here for you.



Hola hermosa! I'm Camila (Cami for short), your host for this beautiful retreat! I am a wild child from Colombia, living in sunny and stunning Colorado for the past decade with my hubby, and 2 crazy cats. I am a Certified Women's Guidance Facilitator, Angelic Spiritual Coach and Holy Fire® World Peace Reiki Master, accredited by the ICRT. With a BA in Fine Arts and over 24 years as a professional photographer, I am also an Certified Level 1 Apprentice in Celtic Shamanism. Founder of LUMINOUS, a part of Camila Bruce Photography, LLC. I am deeply immersed in exploring the body, the earth, the universe, and spirituality through self expression. I have a passion for learning and creating new experiences that weave my devotion to curious creativity and self-exploration with intuitive healing and spirit channeling. I offer sacred, safe space for women to self heal, rediscover, and reconnect with themselves both physically and spiritually, to become aligned & embodied in their Highest Selves.

Camila Bruce (Cami Luminous)


Aubrey Andersen

Greetings Soul Tribe! My name is Aubrey and I believe that the natural way of caring for oneself is essential to the maintenance and daily rehabilitation of the body and mind. My mission is to support individuals in achieving life balance through personal wellness. My goal as a practitioner is to focus on enabling my clients to deliver their best performances every day!


geens beans.png

Hello beautiful souls! I am Gena Catalucci, your personal Chef for this beautiful retreat! With 15+ years experience in the culinary & hospitality industry, my passion for food and service runs deep in my soul. I am a proud graduate of Johnson and Wales University (Providence location) with an associates in Baking and Pastry Arts as well as a Bachelors in Food Service Entrepreneurship. I currently started my own fresh pressed cold juice business, The Main Squeeze Connection. I pride myself on nutrition, eating whole foods, integrating herbs & fresh pressed juices. What goes in, is what you get out, and I am here to help guide you into a better eating lifestyle for a better feeling lifestyle. If we focus on what we can control, like the food and water we drink, moving & resting our body, we can truly push into a more aligned version of ourselves. I am here to help you feel your best during this retreat experience and give you tips and tricks to take home with you so you can further deepen your nutrition practice at home! I am so excited to work with you all!!

Gena Catalucci

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