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I don't know where to start!

I guess when I was about 16 ish -or somewhere around 96'/97'-, my mom brought home the Osho Zen Tarot.

I found it to be so practical, magical and beautiful. And real. And I just basically fell in love with it. If you know Osho, and you know about Zen, well, you know that it is all about balance from within to with-out. And if you didn't know about him and/or Zen, well, now you know ;) I found this perspective to resonate so, so much, so I started using the Tarot on my own as well. After a while I began giving intuitive interpretative readings for friends, and it just became a wonderful tool for wellness in general, for myself as well as others. I started being called to follow this path, but I hadn't realised it yet.

Fast forward to now, year 2020 was a miraculous year of going within and expanding for me. I went back to studying, got my Reiki certificate, then my Angelic Spiritual Coaching, and going through my Shamanic Certification now. All of these beautiful gifts awoke in me, and this time, I was aware. Through all of the things I have been learning, I found a love for Oracles, have been strengthening my intuitive interpretation, and learned how to channel messages from Light Beings, which is now my go-to for basically...everything <3

If you are interested in this tool to gain more knowledge about yourself, a little bit of grounding, guidance, or perhaps, confirmation, click the button below that best applies to you <3 I can't wait to hear from you!

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"Camila’s healing session was exactly what I needed. She knew it intuitively at the time and I felt like I could easily trust her. She really puts in the time and love to help whomsoever crosses her path with genuine care. I appreciate how much she gave to the session. Afterwards, I felt a sense of peace. Sometimes we need some help and guidance, especially when we are confused on our paths to healing/self-discovery. Camila provides this as well as a safe and judgement-free zone. Though the session was virtual, this did not make a difference. Thank you!!"


—  Lorna Stamat, Angelic Hypnosis Client

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