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What does REI·KI mean? 

Rei: Spiritual Wisdom, the healer, the bridge between Heaven and Earth to channel the healing of spiritual light realms for beings on Earth to receive, and/or activate on themselves.

Ki: Vital Force, Universal Life Energy.

The use of the word Holy in the name "Holy Fire®" is not intended to have a religious meaning. The word Holy has as its root meaning to be whole and complete and that is how it is used in Holy Fire® Reiki. Therefore

Holy Fire® Reiki is a spiritual energy that creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.

I became a Holy Fire® Reiki 1&2 Practitioner this year, and I am so excited to be offering it as part of my Luminous Services! I offer a package for individual Distance Reiki sessions, or you can get a complimentary Reiki session through my Goddess Embodiment Photo Experiences


What is Distance Reiki?

Well, in times of uncertainty, or in case you're in another part of the world, distance Reiki gives us the flexibility to do your healing from far away! I was taught a technique that permits me to give you Reiki no matter where you are! All you need to do is lay down in a comfortable spot wherever you are, be open to receive this beautiful energy, and relax! :)

Let's talk! 

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