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Virtual Photos / FaceTime Photos / Online Photos | Camila Bruce Photography

For a while, even before covid times, I had thought of photographing people on a computer/phone screen. I have many clients who are far, and well, virtual photos had crossed my mind. However, it was bizarre and I just wasn't sure if I wanted to try it out.

When all of this craziness with the quarantines all over the world exploded, I started seeing some of my favorite photographers moving on to virtual photography, and they inspired me so much, so I decided to give it a try!

I did my first online Break Free Photo session with my bestie. I wanted to practice and see what it was like, with someone I felt completely comfortable with. Added that, she and I have been living far away for a long time. She has been working on herself for a while now, and her transformation has been so beautiful to witness! we wanted to celebrate it with photos, so it was like all pieces were falling into place <3 Here's some of my favorites from our shoot!

I became absolutely in love with the results!! So many creative paths to explore, and, a super big bonus, being in your own space just makes it even more comfortable, and as if you were hanging out with a friend taking "selfies", except, you're not ;) I'll be the one photographing you!

You might be wondering, how does this actually work? Well, I actually photograph the computer screen with my camera. I decided to actually take photos with my camera of the computer screen (instead of screen shooting), because personally, I love to create with objects, layers, and in camera, at the time when I click. I've been doing all online sessions via Zoom, but there's many apps you can use to do it.

I am also starting to play with FaceTime, and will actually have a Modell Call for it on my FB V.I.P group next week! -> Earthy & Eclectic Women | USA - V.I.P

FaceTime shoots are generally shot directly with the phone/tablet/computer, by the photographer snapping screen shots of their subject. So the results are super different than shooting a screen with the camera. FT sessions are more like actual "selfies", but not really ;)

There's a bunch of ways to do it, and that's all the more fun!

Here's a photo of me photographing my bestie on the computer screen :D

The fact that I can photograph women online, or virtually, is absolutely mindblowing. It has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and I just can't wait to explore it! Are you gonna join me creating some photographic magic virtually?! CLICK HERE!!

Here's some more Photo Art I created virtually, my second online shoot, with magical Brianne. She moved to California and I was so bummed I wasn't going to be creating with her for... who knows how long. But now things are different! we got together virtually and made some magic happen <3

Always Light & Love,


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