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"A Transformational Experience with Camila Bruce: The Luminous Goddess V.I.P Retreat in Colombia”

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Gena Catalucci came into my life in the Fall last year, and all I can feel and express is absolute love and gratitude that she did. We became great friends from the moment we met.

This year we traveled to Portland together and it was a fantastic experience. We went so deeply into our personal journeys and at the same time, we were sharing the experience with each other, while supporting each other. No judgement. Pure unconditional love.

Going on that trip with her, inspired my V.I.P retreats, which are smaller, more intimate and personalized retreats, for a maximum of two women, in which we travel somewhere customized to both of them, for them to do the inner work, while I support and hold sacred space for them to do so.

Gena attended my first official V.I.P Luminous Goddess Retreat last September in Colombia, a 7 day immersive experience at the Heart of the Earth within the Tayrona Sacred region, for her and another incredible Goddess.

Here's Gena's beautiful, in depth testimonial about her experience at the V.I.P retreat in Colombia.

I'm also sharing some photographs of this powerful, embodied Goddess unleashing her wild heart, captured by me during the V.I.P retreat below!

The Goddess photos are totally included in the package as part of your V.I.P Retreat and your unique Inner Goddess Journey activities and ceremonies. I will go more deeply into what the Goddess photoshoots entail in a future blog, but for now I'll leave you with this:

"Photographs are a way to reflect back the inner divine feminine beauty, through your physical temple. You will be able to see yourself, your Soul mirrored in photos, as the work of art that you are constantly creating every single day, shifting and changing beautifully, as nature is intended to. YOU ARE THE MASTERPIECE, WOMBAN!"

-Cami Luminous

Stranger soul sistar turned great friend, turned bestie, turned client, turned co-facilitator for the Luminous retreats. Gena is now the beautiful Private Chef that will be preparing your high vibe, intentional meals at the Luminous retreats!

We have a regular retreat coming up for the Spring Equinox in March 2024 in magical CRESTONE, CO! Click HERE to get UP TO $600 off right now with Early Bird!!

Sending out so much light and love, thank you for being here <3

Cami Luminous

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