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I started reading cards (the regular card deck, mind you), around the age of 11ish, totally intuitively, for fun for my friends. We would ask questions and I would "invent" things (you know, I would just say whatever came up in my head and felt right in my body - so freaking in tune and wise back then without knowing it!  We would read the cards with very specific ways to doing it (it wasn't a "you pick a card" or "I shuffle and the cards that come out are the message" kinda thing, it was super structured!)  I also did all sorts of witchery & channeling without really being aware. I kept altars too. I guess it's just a thing that has come naturally to me all my life. At a later age, around 16, I inherited my mom's Osho Zen Tarot (which I read more like an Oracle) and gave intuitive readings to my friends (which to me was like "inventing" things), but I was always very accurate! Then came 2020 and I was re-acquainted by divine forces with my channeling abilities and I started to get into other Oracle cards. I got many beloved tarot decks now that I love to work with. I do want to stress about not relying too much on readings: it can become addictive, a crutch & can lead to spiritual bypassing. Meaning, the point of all this is to become in tune with your own instinctive and soul guidance. To learn to read and interpret and use your own inner guidance. Cards, as well as other ways of guidance, are just TOOLS. But YOU are the one that leads your way, so it's primordial to rely on yourself first, and not on external things.  Having said that, it's a great way to gain clarity when you are in need of a neutral perspective! And I am so honored and blessed to deliver those messages to you. All reading choices are listed below!

-Relationship reading: $42

-Career & Financial reading: $48

-General Reading, what you need to know right now: $55

-Clarity on a specific question: $44


Spiritual Coaching & Energy Healing Disclaimer:

Holistic health and healing have many scientifically proven wonderful effects and results. However, it is not a substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment if needed. Luminous (Camila Bruce) is not a mental health doctor, and do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. When in doubt, please consult your primary care physician to address your concerns and seek professional advice.

I respect your valuable time, and I expect you to respect and value mine as well. Please give me at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment. If an appointment is missed without 24 hours notice, the session is forfeited and we will reschedule within the next month. If rescheduling outside the month period of your original session date, you will have to pay for a new session. 

I don't offer any money back guarantees on sessions, programs, courses, classes, or events, but many of my clients find 100% satisfaction through my offerings, especially when they are open to new perspectives and doing the inner work.

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