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All my programs involve Goddess Portrait Photography along with most of them offering Spiritual coaching and tools for Self-Healing+Goddess Embodiment, to rise in love with your body, reconnect to your power within and your wild self confidence.

Photography is your mirror to your present, your self right here, right now. Spectacular art that IS YOU, reflecting back to you your beautiful self-creation. YOU are the masterpiece. And you can use any of these these portraits for your socials, personally, etc. 

If this resonates, 

I have four, 1-on-1 options that you can apply to through this form:

1. "Luminous Journey to Your Inner Goddess"

A 90 day in depth coaching container program, which also includes TWO Goddess photoshoots! 
A sacred safe container to dive deep into your journey to reconnect to your inner Goddess and wild, natural
The value:$4,444

2. "Taste Your Wild Divinity". 
This one is a little fun taste of what you could get through the Journey to Your Inner Goddess container. 
One day to do a mini goddess + power animal oracle reading with a bit of coaching and guidance + a goddess photoshoot, inspired in your reading, so that you can feel embodied in your goddess, natural, wild, powerful and beautiful self!
-Done in a spectacular luxury private studio in Northern Colorado.
The value: $1,555

3. "The Luminous Goddess Photo Branding Package"
Photo branding for spiritual entrepreneur Goddesses <3
Whether you have a Goddess gang that you work with at a brick and mortar, or you work alone in your amazing home office by yourself, or you work remotely with a badass team of women, or whatever you do! I will reflect that powerful Goddess energy of yours through photos to attract your perfect clients!
With this package, you get an in depth oracle reading about your career/business as bonus, and gain inspiration for your branding photoshoot from it! The details of the shoot, such as location, specific editing/style needs (if wanted), etc., can be talked about in a complimentary Goddess Call. 

The value: Starting at $1,111
Add hair and/or makeup: $180+ per person

4. Luminous Goddess Portraits (commonly known as "headshots")
In need of just a few Badass Goddess Portraits for your socials/business/website/project/whatever? 
I gotchu!
45-60 minute photoshoot for one person, up to 3 outfits, 12 edited photos. Done in a beautiful studio in Northern Colorado or outdoors!

The value: $555/individual headshots
                  $888/team headshots for up to 8 people
Add hair and/or makeup: $180+ per person

I TRAVEL FOR PHOTOSHOOTS! we can still work together even if you're not in Colorado. I will travel to you! 
The value: add ticket+stay+ground transportation to any package.

For more information or if you'd like to talk more, schedule a Goddess Call through the button bellow!

In this goddess call, we'll connect with spirit, converse a little about your journey and see if we're a good vibe fit to work together in these containers!

If you love the energy and feel in your body mind and soul that we were meant to find each other and work together, APPLY THROUGH THIS FORM!I will get in touch w you within 24-48 hours (weekdays).<3

What program are you interested in?
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Distance Holy Fire®Reiki / World Peace Reiki with Angelic boost
(done virtually)

45 min

Relax and feel better through the powerful energy of the Reiki Holy Fire, let it ignite relaxation, boost self healing and bring lightness to your physical and energy bodies. Guided, protected and boosted by the Angels, with your permission and always in your Highest Good
-Cord cutting
-Energy cleansing
- Aura cleansing

5+ cards Channeled Oracle Reading
(done virtually)

up to 1h 30 min

-specific question
-general reading
-love reading


3 cards Channeled Oracle Reading
(done virtually)

up to 45 min

-specific question
-general reading
-love reading


Angelic Spiritual Coaching Session
(done virtually)

1 hour 30 min.

Guidance from Spirit in whatever area you are needing. I may provide energy healing during our session, Oracle card pulls, lead meditation, etc., depending on what comes through from Spirit for you, always in your
Highest Good!



Luminous Gratitude · Full Moon Coven

Every full moon we gather to give thanks and reflect on the cycles passed. Journaling, sharing activities, energy tools and prompts may be part of these empowering circles, as well as guided meditations, spirit guidance and whatever Source creatively guides me to do.

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✨ body dysmorphia
✨ people pleasing
✨ fear of stepping into your divinity

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