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 ·Aeejah, Dolphin Priestess·

Welcome to Luminous!
Sacred containers for women to reconnect to their inner Goddess, through self healing tools and Goddess Photo Art. Always held in the highest light, with the Divine Loving guidance of Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels/Source/God-dess & Higher Self. 


After practically a lifetime of battling with her own body, as well as dealing with deep childhood/teenage/young adult trauma that had manifested as chronic dis-ease in different forms throughout her body, Cami knew there had to be a better way to help herself heal, other than taking prescribed  pills that often came with bad side effects that required more pills to treat, and so on. She wasn't improving, she was majorly depressed and felt so disconnected from her body, her Spirit,  from everyone and everything. 

Her husband recommended a remote Energy Healer, she started to work with them and slowly but surely, eventually she was able to get off of a DOZEN prescribed pills she was taking DAILY (in her THIRTIES). Her pain got so much better. Her body started to heal. She was also blessed to find a doctor that worked with her on LOWERING doses and taking her OFF pills gradually, alongside Cami's remote Healer's Energy work. This really inspired Cami to learn more about Energy Healing, the effects of trauma in the body and how they manifest/can be worked through, which she started to study on her own. 

In 2020 with cvd lockdowns and the world changing, she had a major Spiritual Awakening after practicing a Ho' Oponopono meditation. after that, Cami became an explorer of the Arts, her own body, Holistic Health, the Earth and Spirituality, expressed through artistry to reconnect to her body's frequency, heart and intuition. To start to heal from within. Understanding her own body became primordial for her healing journey. 

But before that, she had already began her own unconscious awakening. Around 2017 she enrolled in a a self portrait workshop with prompts to connect the participants to their shadows and their bodies through learning how to do self portraits. Cami began her own journey of self healing by becoming self/body-aware mirrored in photos. Later in 2020 she became a Certified Angelic Spiritual Coach, Holy Fire© Reiki Master and Celtic Shamanism Apprentice. 

Since then her channeling of Spirit has become stronger, incorporating Light Language to her "bag of Spiritual tools".

Additionally, because of being brought up in an artistic environment her whole life, she was called to study different artistic practices for about a decade, including Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Photography (analog and digital) and Graphic Design, amongst other modalities. She's worked around the world as a photographer, has been published and awarded. She comes from a family of musicians so she also sings and composes from time to time. Cami has also danced since before she could walk (true story!) and taught Colombian Dance Rhythms+choreographed the cheerleader sequences for an all-girl High School in Colombia.


She is an incredibly creative and expressive soul and she uses all these tools within her sacred containers for women, making them highly intimate, creative and unique.


Cami is originally from Colombia, and grew up mainly Catholic, however she was also around Indigenous peoples, Spiritual teachers and "alternative" religions/beliefs throughout her life, which opened her world up to different viewpoints that allowed for her to play with her own spiritual abilities while growing up  (although she wasn't quite aware of them back then). She has been intuitively channeling card readings since she was around 12 years young.

She loves to learn and create new experiences combining that devotion to artistic expression and self exploration, with intuitive healing, channeling Spirit and sacred safe space for women to rediscover & reconnect to themselves both physically and spiritually. Working with Cami is always an adventure, and usually one that will lead you to connect to your own power, intuitive self healing, body & soul wisdom and creativity.

She mirrors the Inner Goddess within, through 1:1 goddess photoshoots inspired on your inner journey and the Goddess Spirit Guide coming through for you. She delivers messages through channeled card readings, guides you through wild woman ecstatic dancing, burning ceremonies, Reiki circles, Light Language Ceremonies, Body Painting and so much more. But the real value, is that you get to discover what tools work best FOR YOU, what's in resonance with YOU, learning how to SELF-VALIDATE, SELF-HEAL, and EMPOWER YOURSELF FROM WITHIN.

Leaf Pattern Design

You are the Master Creator of your life. This is a  journey into your inner self, your Higher Self, into the power of the inner goddess that is waiting to be seen and recognized within you. When you acknowledge this Divinity and power, you allow yourself to create from a place of self love, heart centeredness, compassion and healthy boundaries. Which in turn allows you to become joyous, healthy and aligned.


I am here to help you through this process. And you get to witness it through photos of yourself coming into your true Authentic Self. You can see yourself mirrored back through art, as you create yourself from your empowered heart.




Leaf Pattern Design



Our goddess retreats allow you to move deeper into your healing practice, through  Spirit guidance, Goddess embodiment photoshoots, empowering healing ceremonies, beautiful sisterhood, sacred safe containers to explore your inner power, your beautiful human vulnerability, your wildness and your infinite soul.

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A little peek inside the Wild Divinity Retreat
Tulum, October 2022!